Spiderweb Method

What is the Spiderweb Method®

The Spiderweb Method® is a method for teaching second languages based on what is most natural to the adult learner, differentiating them from children and giving them tools to reach autonomy in communication as soon as possible.

It it not about how they should learn, but about what they need.

Cecilia Sassone, creator of the method, claims:

The sooner the student understands the workings of the new language as a “system”, the sooner they will able to face the activity they are most interested in: communication.

And she adds:

The method crosses levels, simplifying what can be simplified; as Einstein said, I have searched to “do things as simple as possible, not simpler”.

The method is:

  • simple
  • logical
  • relevant to the adult learner
  • focused on communication

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